Irene Reeves


John Wirick

Wedding Party

Kelsey Reeves

Maid of Honor

Irene is thrilled to have her beautiful daughter stand up with her during this important step in her life. Kelsey has always been an inspiration to her. Irene may have brought her into this world, but Kelsey has given more to her in return. As a child, Kelsey's favorite thing to do was pretend she was a teacher and now, she is a Kindergarten teacher at Our Lady of the Snows Catholic School. She is loved and respected by fellow teachers and of course, by each and every child whose lives she is helping to mold.

Shirley Fabel

Mother of the Bride

Shirley will be 91 by the time of the wedding. She and her husband Bob, raised 8 children in Vinton, California and moved to Fallon, Nevada in 1975 when Irene was a Junior in High School and has planted her roots there. She is still very close to all her children and loves them unconditionally. You can find Shirley at yard sales and thrift stores on a regular basis. She loves to get dressed up for special occassions and you can bet she will wear a flapper dress with a feather in her hair for the wedding.

Kyle & Sean Reeves

Giving away the Bride

The two handsome young men on either side of Irene as she walks down the aisle, are her two sons, both in their thirties. Until John, they have been the two most important men in her life. They both attended college at UNR and have stayed in Reno ever since. She remembers the days of reading them bed time stories and tucking them in at night. Now, they tell her stories of their travels and interests. They have turned into respected, intellegent young men with careers in technology. Irene is so proud to be in the arms of her wonderful sons on such a special day.
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